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Keep your Kitchen Staff Looking Sharp Shift after Shift

Make sure even your newest employees present a clean, professional image as they sauté, slice, and sear.

Chef Works® rental culinary apparel, designed exclusively for Cintas, makes it easy to have your kitchen staff outfitted quickly in crisp coats, shirts, and pants.

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Rental Culinary Apparel

  • Chef Coats

    Chef Coats

  • Chef Pants

    Chef Pants

  • Chef Shirts

    Chef Shirts

  • Chalk Stripe Apron


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Chef Coats

Chef Coats

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Chef Pants

Chef pants

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Chef Shirts

Chef Shirts

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Chalk Stripe Apron


How the Service Works

Program starts with 11 garments. 5 are for the current week, 5 are cleaned each week, and 1 that you're currently wearing Each Week, Cintas will pick up soild garments and return your cleaned garments from the previous week. This week, 5 dirty sent out to be cleaned and 5 clean delivered.

How the Uniform Rental Program Works

The Cintas rental program frees you to focus on your business, while your employees present a positive image to your customers.

  1. You will be assigned a Cintas Representative and a set number of garments when you start the program.
  2. Each week, your dirty garments will be picked up by your Cintas Representative, then washed, dried and finished.
  3. We will inspect, repair, replace and change size at no additional charge.
  4. Each week, your Cintas Representative will return your cleaned garments from the previous week.